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  • 09/18/11--04:22: thumb licks [9.18.11]
  • 10 Questions Leaders Should Be Asking. Great for leaders and anybody for that matter. Without the Gospel, It’s Not Missions. Why Doesn’t Anybody Talk About Sin? A good question with good insight. Who is Responsible for a Child’s Education? Is it the parent or the school? Lonely Me: A Pastoral Perspective Is Patience Dangerous?Filed under: counseling, […]

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    From a missionary to central Asia: For the past few months, God has been burdening my heart heavily with the fact that so many of the old people around us are dying without knowing Christ. Usually it is more difficult to bring old people into the Kingdom as they are so set in their ways […]

    grandma's having dinnerhuttsheadgrandma's having dinnergrandma's having dinnerhuttsheadgrandma's having dinner

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    Connecting the Stories: How to Use Scripture in Personal Ministry 1. Some passages speak more clearly to certain issues that others, but all passages provide a lens through which to view any issue. 2. In ministry to others, we move from life to text or text to life. 3. Some passages are more easily used […]

    bible togetherhuttsheadbible togetherbible togetherhuttsheadbible together

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  • 01/03/12--03:33: busyness is laziness
  • How does busyness affect our spiritual lives? Busyness is the enemy of spirituality. It is essentially laziness. It is doing the easy thing instead of the hard thing. It is filling our time with our own actions instead of paying attention to God’s actions. It is taking charge. Busyness has to do with activity, and […]

    I've got too much to do, but I feel like I'm doing nothinghuttsheadI've got too much to do, but I feel like I'm doing nothingI've got too much to do, but I feel like I'm doing nothinghuttsheadI've got too much to do, but I feel like I'm doing nothing

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  • 01/04/12--18:00: life hurts. God heals.
  • When I was in the fourth grade I came down with a strange case of osteomyelitis—a bone marrow disease that can kill if not treated quickly. I ended up in the hospital with a 106-degree fever. I missed about 3-weeks of summer vacation, which for a 9-year old is pure-torture. Not to mention, I missed […]

    He heals your hurtshuttsheadHe heals your hurtsJoseph with brothersLife Hurts God HealsHe heals your hurtshuttsheadHe heals your hurtsJoseph with brothersLife Hurts God Heals

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  • 01/20/12--03:34: the sanctity of life
  • January 22nd is the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. As a result, today in the US, 1 unborn child is killed every 23 seconds. When you stop to realize that the US only accounts for 3% of abortions worldwide, you realize that there is a relentless global slaughter underway. May God exercise both his mercy […]

    baby in handhuttsheadbaby in handbaby in handhuttsheadbaby in hand

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  • 01/22/12--09:30: what is man?
  • I am sure the untimely and inconvenient news was a shock to the two unwed teenagers the summer of 1979. The news, “You’re pregnant!” Abortion might have been an option, but both their Catholic parents discouraged it and encouraged the baby to be born. I am grateful my two parents decided on the side of […]

    What is manhuttsheadWhat is manMy sista Samm and Ithe train of his robe fills the templehand in handJesus-with-childrenWhat is manhuttsheadWhat is manMy sista Samm and Ithe train of his robe fills the templehand in handJesus-with-children

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  • 01/27/12--03:24: thumb licks [1.27.11]
  • 5 Ways Wives Can Encourage Their Husbands. An Open Letter to Christian Wives with Unbelieving Husbands. 20 Things a Husband Could Say to Defuse an Argument with His Wife. Don’t Know How To Act When Someone Corrects You? Your Worries Are Over! How to Honor your wife. Treating your woman like a queen. Parenting Wisdom […]

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  • 03/14/12--03:35: thumb licks [3.14.12]
  • Fight sin is tiring. The gospel of art. 8 ways to protect your children from sexual abuse. 5 reasons God said “NO.” Why daylight savings time is pointless. Harold Camping admits sin and doomsday predictions. Be careful what you say to your pastor. Why imposters love church. 3 Little Pigs. If it were told today […]

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  • 07/25/12--03:31: How God uses Suffering
  • The cross and the resurrection are the ultimate answer to suffering. And we really can trust the good purposes of God in suffering to make us more like Jesus. 1. God uses suffering to teach us His Word. Suffering makes us more receptive to God’s transforming Word. “Though the word and the Spirit do the […]

    how God uses sufferinghuttsheadhow God uses sufferinghow God uses sufferinghuttsheadhow God uses suffering

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  • 10/06/12--03:22: pouring Miracle-Gro on sin
  • A friend reminded me the other day, “Moving to another culture is like pouring Miracle-Gro on sin.” Our family just moved to Quebec and in 8-months we will move again to North Africa. Transition has been our middle name for the past year. Transitions or changes in life can be like pouring Miracle-Gro on sin; […]


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  • 10/17/13--02:12: Barnabas: gospel encourager
  • ”…and they sent Barnabas to Antioch. When he came and saw the grace of God, he was glad, and he exhorted them all to remain faithful to the Lord with steadfast purpose, for he was a good man, full of the Holy Spirit and of faith. And a great many people were added to the […]


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  • 03/02/14--02:30: wrecked
  • wrecked: biblical truths to hold onto when life seems overwhelming Remember summer vacations? What did you do as a child? I spent most of my summers in upper Wisconsin at my grandparents cozy cottage on Alma Lake. I loved it up there. The swims in the spring-fed lake were refreshing, fishing was superb, and fresh […]


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  • 10/13/14--01:42: forgiveness and ministry
  • A relationship that his been vital to me has been to long-time missionary Marc Blackwell. I first met Marc during my year long church planting apprenticeship in South Africa. By the time I met him he had already been serving overseas for three decades and had been used by God to plant churches from Sarasota, […]

    pointing fingershuttsheadpointing fingerspointing fingershuttsheadpointing fingers

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  • 12/20/14--21:53: 3 benefits of repentance
  • Repentance. I’ll just come out and say it. It’s a word I don’t like to hear. It’s difficult to talk about. It’s often an awkward topic. It isn’t easy or comfortable or catchy or natural. However, I believe it is one of the biggest things that is lacking in my spiritual life and maybe even […]


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  • 01/19/15--06:22: backwards boasting
  • The biggest problem in my life and ministry is me. And one of my biggest problem among many is my gravitation toward self-defense or self-justification. I have an inner defense attorney from the firm of Flesh & Associates who is always there challenging the case in my favor. Well, not exactly for my favor. I […]

    backwards boastinghuttsheadbackwards boastingbackwards boastinghuttsheadbackwards boasting

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  • 02/02/15--09:31: purpose of pain
  • The deepest pain we experience is often inflicted by people, especially those who we care for the most. The closer we are to people the more vulnerable we are to be hurt and wounded. Not just physically (cf. 2 Corinthians 11:23-27), but emotionally (11:28-29). People can disappoint, reject, abuse, slander, fail, betray, or turn on […]


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    Living the others can be difficult. My first experience living with another person was in college. As a freshman, I was preselected a roommate and had no idea who he would be. I was going to share a fifteen foot by fifteen foot room with a stranger. It turned out my roommate was a dairy […]

    serving with othershuttsheadserving with othersserving with othershuttsheadserving with others

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  • 04/27/15--07:31: build up
  • You will notice that building projects are going up all over your neighborhood, so it is in your church. Building up never stops, but this is how it starts… Could you imagine getting a personal letter from the apostle Paul? That’s what we peer into when we read the letter to Philemon. By the time […]


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    Those who have seen God are never the same.  The children of Israel asked to see the Lord of Moses, but when they saw the Lord they were afraid and ask Moses never to allow them to see God like that again [see Daniel 10:7-10, Luke 2:10, Acts 9:3-4].  In Revelation 1:9-18, John saw the...

    responding to Godhuttsheadstop-drop-and-rollwash your mouth outresponding to Godhuttsheadstop-drop-and-rollwash your mouth out

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